Mazanillo, Limon Costa Rica - Caribe Sur

To reach the beach you will just have to walk a few steps over a trail that goes between the tall trees and exuberant vegetation of the rainforest to be met by a beach of golden fine sand and dark turquoise waters. The beach at Manzanillo Limon is almost pristine and unspoiled; perfect to find the peace and quiet needed to relinquish all your stress and worries. The sounds of the rainforest behind you, combined with the soft roar of the waves splashing over the shore, are just glorifying.

The beautiful always changing watercolor painting of the sky, the light green ocean with its constant calmness, the soft  golden sand, the fresh breeze, and the sounds of the rainforest that meet the beach gather together to overpower your senses.

You can sit on the golden sand of the Manzanillo beach, watching the sea and have almost all your senses being stroked by nature, sight, smell, touch, hearing, and savor a cocktail elaborated to perfection by the hotel’s wonderful bartenders.

The natural elements that the beach of Manzanillo Limon offers at Almonds and Corals lodge compiles all that is necessary to replenish you and make you forget all about the city life, making it just the place where you want to be.